Best Practice for Lifecycle Crypto Key Management

Organisations utilising cryptography for securing confidential information have the choice of hardware and software based solutions depending on the nature of the data in need of encryption. Arguably, the weakest link in the chain is the cryptographic keys used to encrypt and decrypt the data. This is due to the constantly increasing processing power of today’s computers and the length of time it may take to compromise the keys through an exhaustive key search. Therefore, these organisations must regularly revoke, update and distribute the keys to the relevant parties in order to reduce the risk of internal and external threats.

Many sectors, including banking and governmental, have the time consuming task of tracking and managing ever-increasing numbers of keys to ensure the right keys are in the right place at the right time. The vast amounts of keys needed for the daily operations of applications using crypto will lead to an army of administratorsbuy if the keys are managed manually. Hence, automated key management systems are now a necessity for these organisations if they are to keep on top of the workload, and reduce their admin costs.

Key management will come in many variations with some more suitable for enterprise settings while others are more scalable, designed for the huge numbers of keys as utilised in the banking industry. Different requirements need different solutions, however, there are some general issues which must be addressed if the implementation of such systems are to be successful in terms of functionality, compliance, availability and keeping costs at a minimum. A short list of best practice procedures is below:


A Faucet Water Filter Guards Against the Dangerous Parasite Crypto

In your effort to become healthier, you could be making yourself sick. Drinking water is definitely essential to our survival and our body’s health. And nowadays, it has become a huge fitness craze since everybody wants to drink the right amounts of water. But ordinary tap water or even bottled water are not the best choices. Some individuals are choosing a faucet water filter to ensure the safety of their drinking water.

Today, people are shying away from unfiltered tap water because of several public health scares. For example, in 1993 an outbreak of cryptosporidium occurred in Milwaukee and infected thousands of residents. When cryptosporidiosis gets into drinking water it can cause intestinal problems when people drink the contaminated water. And the culprit is a little parasite that can do big damage. Both the disease and the parasite are commonly known as crypto. What people need to know is that without faucet water filters in their homes crypto can get into their drinking water.

You need to understand how this parasite can get into water. Crypto may be found in water sources such as private wells that have been contaminated with feces from infected humans or animals. Water can get contaminated through sewage overflows, polluted storm water runoff, and agricultural runoff as well.

It all begins with the fact that crypto can live in the intestine of humans and animals, and then passes through their stool samples. What is so tricky about this parasite is that it is protected by an outer shell, which lets it live outside the body for a long time. What’s even more disturbing to water authorities is that it’s hard to eliminate through chlorine disinfection.

Also, what most individuals do not know is that crypto is found in every part of the United States and even worldwide. For the past twenty years, crypto has become one of the most common causes of waterborne disease for Americans.

Nevertheless there is some good news. A faucet water filter can remove such dangerous contaminants better than any other purification method. They are uniquely designed to filter municipally treated water. A filter with an absolute pore size of 1 micron or smaller can effectively remove such parasites as

Remember, dangerous parasites like crypto will probably be around forever. There’s nothing you can do about that. But what you can do is invest in a good filtration system for your home. Well-made faucet water filters can remove crypto and other contaminants from your drinking water. This is a challenge that municipal water treatment plants and bottled water companies have not been able to solve.

Rich Eng serves as the leader of a high growth healthcare services business for a Fortune 500 company. A 20 year industry veteran and “holistic health and fitness” coach, he constantly researches better ways to improve one’s mind, body and spirit.

Treatments Commonly Available at a Fertility Clinic

A fertility clinic can have a great impact on a couple having trouble conceiving. With several treatments and services often available, many patients find these clinics a great asset and helping hand in helping to solve fertility issues. Patients and couples who are interested should do their research and ask their physician questions before settling on any of the treatments or services offered at any clinic.

In vitro fertilization is an assisted reproductive technology that enables couples to conceive with the help of modern technology. The sperm and egg are put together in a lab; the embryo is then implanted in the woman’s uterus where she will carry the child to term. Multiple embryos are sometimes placed into the uterus to increase the chance that a baby will develop. This is not the only assisted reproductive technology available. Artificial insemination is available using other treatments as well, and patients who are interested should speak to a professional for more information about these treatments.

Sometimes, treatments and procedures such as in vitro fertilization can take a physical and emotional toll on the couple or individual. Couples considering receiving fertility treatment should discuss all of these possible tolls and decide if it is something that they want to move forward with. The best resource for information regarding what to expect during these treatments is a fertility clinic that offers the treatment.

Egg donation and egg freezing are two services found at fertility clinics. Egg donation allows women who could otherwise not conceive to get pregnant using a donor egg. Egg freezing is a service that some women take advantage of so that they may still become pregnant after old age or illness may make doing so naturally impossible. These services are best discussed with a medical professional at a fertility clinic.Fertility Specialist Near Me

Surrogacy is often available at fertility clinics as well. There are two types of surrogacy- traditional and gestational. Traditional surrogacy involves a surrogate mother who is artificially inseminated with the husband’s sperm. She then carries the baby to term and is the biological mother of the child. In gestational surrogacy, the surrogate mother is implanted with an embryo created from the couple’s sperm and egg. The surrogate mother in this case is not the biological mother of the child.

Other treatments and services may be available as well, and the best way for the couple to determine which is best for them is to speak with a medical professional in the field.

Basic Dental Care: Essential Information That You Should Know

Dental care includes regular brushing and flossing to prevent tooth decay. It is also important that you visit your dentist for checkups and cleanings. Your dental hygienist will help you maintain the great quality of your teeth. However, you need to do your part by applying dental care tips. For instance, you should avoid eating foods that are high in sugar and starch content. Bread, soda, cake, candy, and cereals cause tooth decay when you neglect the proper way of cleaning your teeth. Bacteria that live in your mouth digest these food items, and turn these into acids. Food debris, saliva, acid and bacteria combine to form plaque that clings to your teeth. Acids in plaque tend to dissolve your teeth’s enamel surface, until holes or cavities begin to appear in the teeth.

Even at a young age, it is ideal to practice dental care as it offers numerous benefits including the following:dental implant

Dental care allows you to maintain the whiteness, strength, and excellent condition of your teeth. In addition, you will have the confidence to smile because of your amazingly beautiful teeth that enhance your physical appearance.

You might wonder how you can avoid dental problems, so you can have strong and white teeth for years. These are some of the things that you can do to ensure the good condition of your teeth.

Keep your gums and teeth healthy by flossing and brushing regularly. You should also eat foods that are rich in calcium, yet low in starch or sugar content.Brush your teeth twice during the day and before going to bed. Make sure that you floss at least once a day to remove plaque that can cause damage to your gums and teeth.

Use toothpaste that contains fluoride, a component that prevents cavities and tooth decay. The toothpaste should have the approval and meet the standards of the American Dental Association. You may also consult your dentist if there is a need for you to use a mouthwash with fluoride.Avoid smoking,

since it contains tobacco and other chemicals that cause oral cancer and various types of gum disease.Clean your tongue by using a soft-bristle toothbrush or a tongue cleaner. Stroke the tongue in a back to front movement with the use of the right cleaning tool. This basic dental care is particularly ideal for those whose tongues have deep grooves or coating.Visit your dentist for regular checkup of your teeth.

Dental experts suggest that your child’s dental care should start when he or she is 12 months old. Some dentists also point out the importance of seeing a dentist when the first, primary teeth has appeared. This way, the dentist can assess the likelihood of dental problem caused by disease, developmental problem or injury. Early detection of oral problems ensures prompt treatment to prevent severe dental issues.

How to Become an Actress

Growing up idolizing the celebrities on your TV screen could give you a hankering to become an actress. Not to fear, if you have no experience; you can still get into the industry. If you have some experience, all the better, because you are closer to achieving your Hollywood dream. All these tips on how to become an actress can be utilized whether you have some or no experience or if you have dabbled in acting before.

The first thing you should do is enroll yourself in a reputable acting studio. This should be able to teach you the basics of acting or fine-tune your technique if you already have some acting experience. Make sure you have done some research on the acting studios in your area, and find out if they have produced any major talent you could recognize.

The second thing you should do is attend auditions religiously. Be prepared to face rejection though. The key is not to take it personally. In fact, after being rejected, you should try to find out from the casting agents what it is about you that did not help you get the part. Arming yourself with this information will help you remedy the problem. Take all criticism positively as it can help you in becoming a better actress.

Go have a portfolio done of yourself at a professional photo studio. This will give you some headshots that you can leave with casting agents. If you have the headshots done professionally, they will flatter you immensely. Thus, when you leave them with the casting agents, they have a better chance of remembering you. This could be vital in case one of their actors drop out or any other eventuality where they may need to recast.

Make sure you exercise and eat a balanced, nourishing diet. Being an actress entails a lot of cameras and flashing lights. The glare of the lights of stardom is not kind to unhealthy skin. Remember being an actress is all about your image, so take it very seriously.av 女優 求人

Take advantage of all the social network sites. Put up pictures of yourself and even post videos of you re-enacting some scenes from popular movies. The more people who visit your site, the higher your chances of being discovered. You never know; you could end up being the next internet sensation.

If you can afford it, get an agent. An agent’s main task is to promote you. This way, you can concentrate on becoming a brilliant actress while they spend their hours trying to book you acting jobs and spreading the word about your talent. A good agent should also have many contacts in the industry. Thus they should be able to take you to functions where you can network with producers and directors. The more you network, the higher your chances a director or producer will remember you when they are working on their next project.

Always remember to be friendly and approachable. When you have made you name in the industry is when you can afford to start throwing tantrums and becoming a diva.

Reduce Business Overheads by Using Virtual Receptionist Service

Virtual Receptionist Service can play a very important part in reducing your business costs regardless of the size of your business. It is one of the most efficient, and cost effective service available for the business owners. If used correctly, virtual receptionist can enhance the service to your customers as well as add value to your business as you will effectively be adding an extra member of staff to your team without any of the usual costs associated for that member.

Think of the usual costs for hiring a receptionist for a business, starting with time required to put together a job specification, cost of the advert for the position, time spent on reading through dozens of CVs, interviewing process, hiring the appropriate person, training them, paying their contracted salary, and then managing the staff member on daily basis. This means that you will still have to cover the phones whilst your receptionist is on their breaks, dinner, holidays and sick leave as well as keep them motivated in the role. Virtual receptionists offers a professional alternative for a lot less hassle and cost. They are trained to a high standard, understand customer service requirements and deal with clients professionally and in a consistent manor. Virtual Receptionist Service can be adaptable and flexible to suite the business needs, therefore saving the business a lot of money whilst providing a professional image along the way.virtual receptionist

A good Virtual Receptionist Service should be able unique to you and your company. It usually works by giving you a personal phone number for diverting your calls, which means that your client calls will go straight to your nominated receptionist, and be answered with your unique business greetings as provided by you. The receptionist will then record all details of the call and send them in a SMS text straight to your personal mobile phone, followed by an email which you can keep for your records. This is to ensure your clients can be dealt with promptly and competently. At the end of everyday your company will be sent a summary of calls taken that day, this way you can keep track of all call flows and customer’s details to improve and grow your business in the desired direction. Virtual Receptionist Service also allows you to take control of your calls so that if at any point you are in the office and wish to take your own calls you simply dial a given unique code and answer the calls directly yourself and vice versa.

Using a Virtual Receptionist Service means that your calls will always be answered by a real professional therefore, presenting a professional image for you and your business at all times. Depending on your requirement, your calls between 09:00am and 17:00pm will always be answered by a trained professional who will handle your customer’s call with great care and ensure that the message reaches you as soon as possible so that you can deal with it in the appropriate manner.

Car Battery Charger – Five Reasons Why You Should Own One

It’s easy to understand the reason why a car battery charger is a fantastic device to have around. Cars, lawn equipment in addition to motorized toys have batteries and may need occasional charging. Outdoor gadgets in addition to lawn equipment particularly require it due to infrequent use. Since a number of equipment doesn’t have an on board generator it is up to the individual to recharge the battery if they wish to continue using it.

Not everyone understands exactly how easy it is to obtain and use their very own hand held car battery charger. These are in fact relatively simple to use and have. You can buy one that is simply an on or off procedure or a difficult one that has a monitoring and a self adjusting charging voltages.

Here are five explanations on why it’s easy for anyone that has a car, truck, or outdoor vehicle to own one:

The wonderful thing about these kinds of devices is that you really don’t need a set space for them. Years ago a person would place the charger on a shelf or parked its cart inside a garage and that’s just about where it is sits. The newer models could just about be used any place where you can find an electrical

Thanks to more sophisticated technologies electrical components are a lot smaller and lighter. chargers only weigh a few pounds. As long as there is a power source accessible, usually an electrical outlet, you can begin charging in a matter of minutes. Some are even small enough to fit in your pocket!

Using the same technology that made these portable car battery charger lighter and more compact also made them cheaper to produce. This means manufacturers are producing far more for virtually nothing. Chargers can be found for under $100 and often a lot cheaper. All you’ve got to try and do is look around the online world.

More sophisticated units can easily keep the battery topped off with out boiling away the electrolyte and therefore potentially messing up your own battery. One person was able to keep the same battery for his hobby car for over 10 years because of a specialized charger. How much might this help you save over several years?

Ever had a spur of the moment idea to take your favorite toys (I call vehicles and bikes toys) out on the first wonderful spring day? If your battery did nothing but sit during the winter you may have to charge the battery before you can take it out. Having a charger can easily keep your battery up and all set to go when you are.

Payday Loans – What You Can Do About Them

“Loan-Sharking” equates to usury, which is charging interest above an established legal rate. “Pay Advance”, “Check Advance”, “Deferred Deposit”, “Payday Loan”, or any other label like it is lower than loan-sharking. It is a legal, multi-billion dollar industry that you do not want to get lured into.

As a young military in Korea years ago, I remember none of us had much money. Gambling and “other pastimes” took the little we had before month’s end– but there were always the “friendly”, black-market loan sharks offering 50% interest loans very close by. Guess who was also 5 feet away from the pay station on pay day… the Korean version of Don Corleone, of course.ソフト闇金

It has not changed much over the years or location or title. The Payday or cash advance lender still preys on the financially struggling individual. The pay back still revolves around payday. The rates are still exorbitant. What has changed is that it is now legal, the “APR” exceeds 350%, and the client is not restricted to the military. The prey are now thousands of struggling, hard working folks who are having a tough time making it to the end of the month. Many toil on very low paying jobs, have serious medical debt, gambling addictions or worse. But they all are collecting pay stubs and maintain a checking account.

So the hard working, debt-burdened consumer sees a warm, friendly, office with an innocent name such as Pay Advance. “Is this an opportunity or what?” Sure it is… for the lender. Here’s a scenario from real life copied from e-mail sent to me.

“I owe nine check advance companies (companies that will let you write a check for cash with a fee included) a total of $3000. I also have approximately 15 checks I have bounced as a result of trying to pay off these check advance companies. The total amount due of all the checks with fees is approximately $1500. I have people calling me all the time and they are also calling my boss at work. They tell me I can not make partial payments on my checks and almost all of them want their money within ten days or they will turn it over to the county courts office.”

Check advance operations are springing up across the nation and may be one of the fastest growing industries we have. The former owners of Blockbuster Videos sold their successful corporation to reinvest in their first pay advance operation. That was 3 years ago. There are now 1500 offices and that is just one conglomerate. Business growth like this does not occur without phenomenal profit potential. I would consider a 200%, 300%, or 400% APR a sizable potential profit, wouldn’t you?

But another e-mail referred to an article in a Memphis newspaper. The author of the article queried one of the owners/managers of a check advance business and pointed out that high fees [$20 for 7 days on $300] worked out to be a 360% APR. The payday loan owner said, “It did not matter what the yearly rate was if you only needed the loan for a short period of time.”

The owner is right- or is he? We have already addressed the fact that the tendency is to use such a system again and again. If I pay a loan back and then take out another, and then another, and then another, I bet I can make a strong case for 360% APR.

It is a fee. The Glossary of Political Economy Terms from Auburn University defines Interest rate as “The price(s) of obtaining the temporary use of money that one borrows from someone else who actually owns it, normally expressed as a percentage of the amount borrowed per year.” A fee, on the other hand, is “a charge for services rendered”.

Therefore, it is not an “excessive APR” because it’s a fee and any comparison to usury is comparing apples and oranges. So how could it possibly be loan-sharking? DUH. What is wrong with me. But here is another little tidbit. Collectors cannot take partial payment for advance check pay back because advance pay is not considered a loan. Advance check operations fall under non-sufficient fund (NSF) laws, which means they can demand the local district attorney’s office to act as their collection agency.

The State of the Electric Car

Over the past few years, you have probably heard a lot of discussion about electric cars. The most common of the latest electric cars are the gas-electric hybrids that boast fuel efficiency of 45 mpg and higher. These hybrids feature the benefits that consumers indicated to manufacturers that they wanted. These include high gas mileage, reduced emissions, quietness, and long range that utilizes an existing system of fuel distribution.

There are other options for electric cars, each having advantages and disadvantages. What most would consider a true electric car would carry no engine utilizing fossil fuel. Instead, it would carry a bank of batteries and rely on recharging of the batteries while parked and/or utilize solar or another alternate source of electricity.

A diesel-electric hybrid is another option that would closely mirror the gas-electric hybrids currently available. The major reasons they have not been commercially available are the higher initial cost of diesel engines and emissions restrictions. While diesel engine technology has advanced to provide quiet and powerful engines, automakers could not meet Federal emissions standards until a new, cleaner formulation of diesel fuel became mandatory at the beginning of 2009.

The idea of electric vehicles is not new and, in fact has been around since the early days of the automobile. Battery technology was the biggest problem and continues to be an obstacle today. Batteries are heavy in relation to the energy they carry. In order for a car to travel any appreciable distance, a large percentage of the car’s weight is comprised of the battery bank.

Gas-electric hybrid cars use their gasoline engine in conjunction with a generator to recharge the batteries continuously. This onboard charging system allows for continued travel without having to stop to charge the batteries and reduced vehicle weight through the use of a smaller battery bank. The concert of hybrid power began in the early part of the 20th century, as the diesel engine was adapted for use in locomotives by using diesel-electric power.

While hybrid cars give drivers the benefits discussed above, they are still a compromise between fossil fuel and truly pollution free vehicles. The trade-off is a limited range of driving before the electric cars batteries must be recharged. A totally electric car does not create pollutants directly. By using electricity from the utility grid, the electric car does generate a small amount of pollution. A few people who have built electric cars for personal use have also built solar powered recharging systems, thereby eliminating any pollution

Scientists are competing continuously to develop batteries that are lighter weight in relation to the energy stored. At the same time, they must keep in mind the potential for fire or explosion as well as environmental concerns such as the use of toxic materials. The technology for solar electricity production is also becoming more efficient. It is possible that in the future, totally electric cars will be have an unlimited range through the use of lightweight batteries and onboard solar recharging systems.

Hybrid gas-electric cars are available from some of the new car dealers. True electric cars remain the realm of small companies and individuals who convert gasoline powered cars to electricity. Those who drive electric cars have found that the limited range, normally 80 – 100 miles, is not an issue for commuting to work and running errands. Most families have a second car capable of traveling longer distances.

Put Your Website Marketing on Steroids

For months now I have shared my experiences when it comes to marketing a website. Without a doubt the greatest way to market your website, on a dollar per dollar basis, is article marketing (more on that in a moment).

Since my initial article on article marketing I have been working hard to find better, faster, easier and more efficient ways to increase marketing efforts for website owners. After piecing together the information that I have found, I have been able to come up with a way to put your article marketing efforts on steroids.

Let me start with the basics and that is exactly what article marketing is. Article marketing is the process by which you promote your website by writing an education and informational article in relation to the content of your website. You then promote your website in that article in the resource box and then submit the article and resource box to various article directories around the web.

To break article marketing down into more detail you will write an article that is at least 450 words in length. When I say the article should be educational what I mean is it should teach the user something about whatever your website is about. For example if you sell power tools, write an article on how to use a router or an article on table saw safety.

Then once you have your article written, you write up what is called a resource box. It is in the resource box where you will promote your website. What you are trying to do is let the reader of the article know who wrote it and how they can get a hold of you. A good resource box reads, “John Jones is the owner of TGIF Power Tools, Inc. To learn more about Mr. Jones or TGIF visit their website at (insert the web address here).” As you can see the resource box example tells the reader who you are, your company name and the website address.

The final step of article marketing is to submit your article to various article directories around the web. A quick search in Google on the words “article directory” will yield you plenty of results. They are free to join and submit. Their visitors will then read your article and either click on the link to your website in the resource box or take your article and syndicate it. Syndication means they use your article and resource box on their own website.

You repeat this daily and within 30 days you should be receiving hundreds of hits to your website. Once you get the person to visit your site, making the sale is up to you. If you designed your website properly, you should have no problem making a sale, even in a down economy.

That is article marketing in a nutshell, but what I want to tell you about is putting that process on steroids. Meaning to take it to a level you never thought you could imagine.

Normally you would write one article everyday for as long as you are in business. The thought was if you wrote more than one article per day your articles would be competing against each other for Buy steroids viewership. However, that is not the case if you follow this method and that is to write multiple articles daily and submit those article into various categories, so as long as the article itself has something to do with that category. Let me explain.

Let’s say in the article directory you have chosen to submit to they have a category for woodworking, one for home improvement and one for landscaping. You could write one article such as “how to make great dove tail joints” and submit that to woodworking, “fixing a leaky faucet with nothing more than a screwdriver” in the home improvement category and, “how to properly edge your lawn by your sidewalks” in the landscaping category.

As you can see each article is educational and all will use the same resource box pointing the reader back to your website, however since they are in different categories, they will attract different customers and in essence will not be competing against one another.

I put the “article marketing on steroids” theory to my own test and can say unequivocally it works great. I was able to double the daily hit rate for my friend’s website in less than thirty days. I wrote three articles daily for twenty-one days. Yes it was a lot of work but it was well worth it.