Put Your Website Marketing on Steroids

For months now I have shared my experiences when it comes to marketing a website. Without a doubt the greatest way to market your website, on a dollar per dollar basis, is article marketing (more on that in a moment).

Since my initial article on article marketing I have been working hard to find better, faster, easier and more efficient ways to increase marketing efforts for website owners. After piecing together the information that I have found, I have been able to come up with a way to put your article marketing efforts on steroids.

Let me start with the basics and that is exactly what article marketing is. Article marketing is the process by which you promote your website by writing an education and informational article in relation to the content of your website. You then promote your website in that article in the resource box and then submit the article and resource box to various article directories around the web.

To break article marketing down into more detail you will write an article that is at least 450 words in length. When I say the article should be educational what I mean is it should teach the user something about whatever your website is about. For example if you sell power tools, write an article on how to use a router or an article on table saw safety.

Then once you have your article written, you write up what is called a resource box. It is in the resource box where you will promote your website. What you are trying to do is let the reader of the article know who wrote it and how they can get a hold of you. A good resource box reads, “John Jones is the owner of TGIF Power Tools, Inc. To learn more about Mr. Jones or TGIF visit their website at (insert the web address here).” As you can see the resource box example tells the reader who you are, your company name and the website address.

The final step of article marketing is to submit your article to various article directories around the web. A quick search in Google on the words “article directory” will yield you plenty of results. They are free to join and submit. Their visitors will then read your article and either click on the link to your website in the resource box or take your article and syndicate it. Syndication means they use your article and resource box on their own website.

You repeat this daily and within 30 days you should be receiving hundreds of hits to your website. Once you get the person to visit your site, making the sale is up to you. If you designed your website properly, you should have no problem making a sale, even in a down economy.

That is article marketing in a nutshell, but what I want to tell you about is putting that process on steroids. Meaning to take it to a level you never thought you could imagine.

Normally you would write one article everyday for as long as you are in business. The thought was if you wrote more than one article per day your articles would be competing against each other for Buy steroids viewership. However, that is not the case if you follow this method and that is to write multiple articles daily and submit those article into various categories, so as long as the article itself has something to do with that category. Let me explain.

Let’s say in the article directory you have chosen to submit to they have a category for woodworking, one for home improvement and one for landscaping. You could write one article such as “how to make great dove tail joints” and submit that to woodworking, “fixing a leaky faucet with nothing more than a screwdriver” in the home improvement category and, “how to properly edge your lawn by your sidewalks” in the landscaping category.

As you can see each article is educational and all will use the same resource box pointing the reader back to your website, however since they are in different categories, they will attract different customers and in essence will not be competing against one another.

I put the “article marketing on steroids” theory to my own test and can say unequivocally it works great. I was able to double the daily hit rate for my friend’s website in less than thirty days. I wrote three articles daily for twenty-one days. Yes it was a lot of work but it was well worth it.

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